Religious Herpes

It seems that the custodian of the two holy mosques is sending students all around the world to use Drugs and Alcohol, at least according to a well known religious figure in Saudi Arabia. He is suggesting that students be subjected to Alcohol and Drugs test in Airports around the country. Of course, this should be taken as a joke.

However, what worries me is not this absurd suggestion, but the fact that it comes from a well known religious figure with more than half a million followers on Twitter, with millions more outside the online community. Even more worrying is the lack of official response from the government condemning such outrageous, ridiculous, borderline criminal and very public behavior. This gives the wrong idea that such announcements are tolerated by the government which sends three completely wrong messages.

One, religion can be used in the worst way to rally people behind the caprice of any individual without repercussion. We claim to be the country of the two holy mosques, the land of revelation, the home of the holiest place on earth. Yet, the unholiest of announcements, ranging from absurd lingerie fatwa, I call Kinky Fatwas, to mass drug testing of students to the separation of men and women in the holly mosque come from prominent religious figures. What are we doing to Islam?!

Two, it is acceptable that anyone could slander the reputation of thousands of people publicly and get a way with it without even apologizing. This reduces the sense of civil justice. If you are a religious figure, followed by millions, wear a Shomag in a certain way, and have a 3.25 inch beard, then you are invincible. You can insult, accuse, and character assassinate anyone, any time you see fit. It’s not only acceptable, but it’s supported, encouraged, and cheered by millions. This might seem like a public silly discussion of the issues but in it is a deep civil injustice that could backfire any time. It’s an extremist nuclear time bomb!

Three, using religion for political gain is a recipe for disaster. History books are full of lessons on this issue, actually history lessons are nothing but that. It’s a curse that lasts forever, just ask any Christian about the Catholic Church during European’s dark ages. We are seeing this being replicated perfectly by the Islamic Church today. It’s even worst today because it is not official or located in a certain geographical location. It’s an ideology that is spreading like Herpes all around the world affecting individuals and societies globally. The only vaccine against it is to abstain from religion.

So, it might seem that this man’s caprice is to be taken lightly, the consequences are grave. It allows for chaos. It should be fought aggressively on a political and social platforms. A law should be formulated allowing for a civil class action suit against individuals who slander a whole category of people. It’s not acceptable on all levels. We have to say NO!

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