Religion is Against Your Natural Human Tendencies (فطرة)

We have always been taught that religion, especially Islam is in sync with human instincts. Today, I challenge that. Islam encourages you to go against it.

Let’s take the recent events regarding this “stupid” movie that was done by a useless, devious, and convicted subhuman creature. “It” created that movie based on its pure instincts of hate, anger, and pursuit of fame. “It” was nothing until it made the movie. The response to the movie was exactly the same. The natural human tendency in response to the movie would be outrage, anger, and the pursue of revenge. Those who took to the street, followed their instincts but not their religion. The religion and the Prophet they “claim” to defend, asked them many times, “Do not be angry.” A direct request to go against a basic human urge.

Religion is difficult because it fights with your natural human tendencies. Following its guidelines is not easy. It makes you more than a human being. Its purpose is to elevate you to a higher being, almost to an angelic proportion. So, to say, it is in sync with your instincts is deceiving.

If we follow our instincts, without following a moral code, the world would be more chaotic. People will be killing each other in the streets. Men will be raping every woman they though was attractive. People will pursue their happiness and dreams on the expense of others.

Religion (and for many some moral codes) gives people the moral compass to go against their instincts.

One comment on “Religion is Against Your Natural Human Tendencies (فطرة)

  1. Israa says:

    Interesting point of view!

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