The Nausea Of Eating Islamic Icing

Have you ever tried eating Icing without the cake? I did and it’s nauseating. This is exactly the feeling when you see the behavior of people who lost their humanity but claim they are Muslims. We see immoral behavior everywhere we look in this country that is ruled by Islam. This is because we lost the Cake and we are focusing on the Icing.

Religion needs a base to prosper. Omar was a great human being before he was a Muslim. Abu Bakr had all the qualities of a great leader before he became a Muslim. Even the Prophet pbuh was human first, for 40 years, before he became a prophet for 23 years. They were amazing human beings before they become glorious Muslims. Islam was the icing on an already strong foundation, a well baked Cake.

Wether it’s Islamic, Jewish, Christian, or Buddhist Icing, without the Human Cake, the feeling will be nauseating. A human being is created not to cheat, lie, or be bribed. It’s an instinct built into his/her DNA. There is no need for a religion to have a moral compass. Religion is the beautification process that someone uses to excel and exult into the realm of spirituality and fly high into the domain of the divine.

Until we go back to basics and start focusing on the foundation, humanity, we are never going to get over the nausea of eating Islamic Icing.

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