So, with the Arab spring, everyone wants to create their own revolution. I have never seen a more beautiful, energetic, and an inspiring view like the millions of people who took out to Tahrir square demanding freedom, social justice, and basic human rights. From there on, every Arab Spring has been revolting, sickening, and out right nauseating.

Look at Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunis, and Syria today. They are more a mess than they have ever been. In the same time, look at Morocco. If you ask me, I would say, the most peaceful, organized and productive revolution has been the Moroccan one.

Every Arab Spring quickly moved from a demand for freedom to a power struggle between people who are power hungry, blood thirsty, and religiously arrogant.

There are two main victims in the so called Arab Spring

1. Islam
2. The people who demanded freedom.

The winners are

1. Special interest
2. Other governments who used the Arab S**t to tell their people how bad it is to demand freedom.

The question is why two years later, the Arab Spring is still struggling? The simple answer: people are religiously charged and believe that religion is the solution for everything and if you don’t have religion, nothing will work. They have no comprehension of what a Civil rule means. They can’t differentiate between Islam and power hungry Islamist.

The victims have become the victimizer. But they are now more dangerous because They use religion as their ammunition

Islam does not feed you, does not clothe you, does not build your economy, and does not empower you. People do, no matter what their religion is. It’s time to be civilized.

One comment on “Revolt

  1. Muniro says:

    Can’t agree more with your analysis except the answer for why the Arab spring is still struggling, I guess those guys who just jumped into power are (using) Islam as tools not the other way around! They really don’t believe in Islam more then that. Best regards

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