You Are Not Suppose to Die!

Oum Saif,

You are not suppose to die. You are young. You are a live. You have not even reached the magical age of 40.

You are not suppose to die. You have two sons that need you, how can they go on without a mom. The world is tough and it will be tougher without you around.

You are not suppose to die. You are an angle and angels do not die. Why are the rules changing?

You are not suppose to die because we are waiting for you to come back. You said you will and I trust you. Why are you not back till now?

You are not suppose to die. It’s too soon. We have not prepared for this. You were suppose to get old. I always wanted to see a stubborn old Sara around.

You are not suppose to die. The world needs your laughter, your gentle soul, your beauty, and your kindness. The world is drying up of goodness. Please do not die!


I am a man of faith and know that fate has chosen you because heaven could not wait to meet you. The angles missed their sister and wanted her now.

I am a believer and I have to accept that Saif and Hamza are going to be stronger without you and your absence will be filled with the presence of God.

I am a Muslim and know that death is the beginning of an eternal life, a life that you deserve and you chose to go there before us. You have always wanted to be first. You are there now.

I know you can hear me. I know you can see us. I know that you are smiling and saying, “heaven is amazing, it is more than I expected. It’s a joyful ride. You can do anything. You can even eat your popcorn with hot sauce, like you did in that place you called life.”

We will miss you gentle soul, we will miss your laughter. We will always remember you. Please talk  about us in your realm. I am sure you are with Him, a prophet you have loved. Please pass our Salam to Him. Tell him how much we miss him, love him and in time, we will all be together in the hereafter which is now.

Goodbye Oum Saif,

Your Brother and neighbor,

Eissa A. Bougary