I Love Her

I first saw her in 1995. She was so beautiful, charming, but beaten. She was harsh, a bit bitter, and poor. But there was something magical about her. She was graceful in her own way.

In 1995 I was only able to see skin deep. I couldn’t see beyond her beaten beauty. I couldn’t see the elegance beyond the surface. Her beauty can only be appreciated if you are well cultured, well travelled. You could only appreciate her beauty if you paid attention to her delicate grace, her charming personality, and to her diversified background.

I couldn’t connect with her at the time. I didn’t see her eye to eye although I spent few days in her presence.

Fifteen years later I met her again. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. Her beauty was so clear to me now. I was enchanted and mesmerized by her magical appearance, by her whispers, and by her aura. I immediately fell in love with her. She was my lost love that only a change in my heart could make possible.

I rejoiced in her presence. This time I saw her for 3 days but it was enough to know that she will be forever in my heart. Her memories will always be engraved in my mind and soul. When I left her, a void was left in my heart.

I am with her now and can’t think of anything but her. It’s only Marackesh that can compete for my heart. I love you Istanbul.