Break The Rules

I learned a lesson from someone wise today. There is huge difference between rules and beliefs. Rules are external guidelines that someone sets for you. Hence, you have this temptation to break them. We all know, “rules are made to be broken.” Rules limit us because they manifest someones else’s’ opinion. They are skin deep. Yet, every parent, every school, every company, and every country puts rules. They believe it is the way out of chaos and into the “rule” of law.


However, they got the whole point wrong. As human species, we can never accept rules. It’s our nature to be free. Rules limit freedom.


Rules should be replaced with beliefs. They can not be broken because they are ingrained deep in our hearts. To break them, we break our own existence. As a species, we strive to survive and therefore we will never break our beliefs because it means we break ourselves. We should be putting beliefs in our homes, schools, companies, and even countries. Let beliefs rule us! Not rules.


Beliefs make us survive. Rules limit our prosperity

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