I don’t like my religion

Yes. You read it right. I don’t like my religion. But I love my faith. I love Islam. My religion has been corrupted by people who corrupt everything. They use it to oppress people. To benefit. To feel superior. So, I decided I am going to leave religion for them and focus on my faith.

Faith is internal and hence no one can corrupt it for me. It’s mine and I have total control over it. It unites me with people from all faiths and background. Unlike religion, faith unites and religion divides.

Governments, officials, everyone uses religion for their own agenda. And so they corrupt it in the process. However, their dirty hands can’t touch faith because faith is internal where religion is external.

Leave religion and reach for faith!

4 comments on “I don’t like my religion

  1. I really like this post. It doesn’t just apply to Islam, it applies to every religion. Christianity has gone through the same issues, and has been terribly corrupted as well. But indeed, as you say, fortunately, we still have faith.

  2. Lol says:

    It’s funny that the ad under your post shows half naked people and is for a condom brand.

  3. Nawal says:

    Indeed, religion -or, to be more spacific, the confused application of religion- has been the drive behind war, crime & hate through out history.
    Humans of one religion, or even a sect within that religion, feel superior to humans of another for the mere purpose of them being “luckily” born into it. So muslims feel superior to all humanity since apparently we are the only ones going to heaven while the others will burn in hell fire for eternity -tough luck, suckers!- and jews feel the same way about themselves being “the chosen ones” whom have free passes to bully the rest of humanity, and christians -at least the ones Ive conversed deeply with- depress me the most, that core belief of me as a human being stained with sin before I was even born, but then Jesus saved us all and for that we owe him.
    It doesnt make sense, to me. Yet, im sure walking around a black square shaped building 7 times and crying my eyes out seems loony to them. So, touchè! لكم دينكم ولي دين
    Its as simple as that.
    Faith. Yes. A deep, unshakable faith is surely the drive behind the rising of one’s soul to be the purest and closest to it’s creator as can be, it is the most beautiful form of being. “الا من اتى الله بقلب سليم”
    اللهم طهر قلوبنا من الكبر ومن آفات القلوب
    يارب، رضاك.. والجنة

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